Shevat Stickers!

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Members of Dveykus – The Jewish Sticker Club received five stickers for the month of Shevat. Each sticker represents a tree-fruit related to the holiday of Tu Bishvat. Alongside the fruit is their name according to R' Hayim Vital in the Pri Etz Hadar. Each of the fruits is also related to one of their corresponding spiritual world as follows: 

World of Asiyah – Hard Outer Shell & Soft Inside:


Acorn Anash Sticker


Pomegranate Rimon sticker

World of Yetzira – Soft Outside & Hard Inside:


Persimmon Jewish Sticker

World of Beriah/Close to Atzilut – Soft Outside & Soft Inside:


Fig Jewish Sticker


Grapes Jewish Sticker Anavim

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