Adar א Stickers

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Members of D'veykus – The Jewish Sticker Club received these stickers in the mail for Adar I. 

Kosher Clothing

Kosher Clothing – Written in the Ashkenazi script commonly used for writing a Torah scroll, this square sticker announces the presence of "Kosher Kleyder" (Yiddish) or "Kosher Clothing" (English).

Smooth Vibez

Smooth Vibez – Also written in the Ashkenazi script for writing a Torah, this square sticker has the words "Glatt Vibes" written on it. The crossover between the Yiddish "Glatt" and American slang word "Vibes" perfectly captures the Shtark! intention: to seamlessly blend Jewish-American lifestyles. 


Shtark Galaxy - Judeo Futurism

The Shtark Galaxy –  This sticker with "Shtark Shirts" written phonetically across a circle and stars is featured in one of our latest Shtark! hoodies. The design recalls the move into space and evokes questions about how Judaism will remain relevant as we blast into the future. 

Shtark Electic

Shtark Electric – This electric and energizing design is featured on the Shtark! Electric Hoody

Primordial Alef

Primordial Alef – The Primordial Alef sticker recalls the last collection we released: "Torah is Lit." The significance of the Alef as the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet carries mystical weight in the Jewish tradition. 

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