Our Story

  Shtark Galactic Boaz W.

Growing up in the bustling, vibrant heart of Los Angeles, I found my rhythm skateboarding along the eclectic streets of Fairfax/Melrose, where the urban tapestry was alive with the pulse of street culture and the rich, deep roots of my Jewish heritage. This unique blend of contemporary streetwear's bold defiance and the profound, timeless wisdom of Judaism inspired a vision within me. I dreamed of creating a brand that resonated with young Jews who were proud of their identity and sought to express it through their fashion. Thus, the seeds for ShtarkShirts were sown in LA, envisioned as a bridge connecting the spirited essence of modern streetwear with the enduring soul of Jewish tradition, authentically and meaningfully.

The transition from concept to reality took shape when I moved to New York City, a place with a vibrant and diverse Jewish community that further fueled my inspiration. Launching ShtarkShirts in NYC, I was motivated by the city's dynamic Jewish life and the mosaic of cultures it presented. The brand became a narrative woven from the threads of my LA upbringing and the rich Jewish experiences of NYC, merging the past with the present in every design. It was not merely about creating clothes but about forging connections to the wisdom of our ancestors, allowing wearers to proudly showcase their heritage. Today, ShtarkShirts embodies the journey from LA's skate parks to NYC's bustling streets, standing as a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity, celebrating our roots while boldly stepping into the future.

- Boaz W.

Founder & Designer