Kislev! Jewish Stickers & Hannukkah

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Members of D'veykus - The Jewish Sticker Club received five stickers for the month of Kislev. Here is a a short description of the meaning and inspiration behind each: 

Hannukkah oil

The Pach Shemen or "Oil Container" (rare glitter) – One of the primary folk traditions associated with the Hannukkah holiday relates that when the Hasmoneans rededicated the temple, there was only a single container of oil pure enough that it was fit for lighting the holy menorah. This sticker recalls that great miracle!

Hannukkah Lights

The Hannukkiah – Loaded with eight candles and the shamash (middle helper candle), the Hannukkiah is the traditional ritual object with which we commemorate the increasing light of Hannukkah. 

Dreydl spinning top

Spinning Dreydl – The spinning top is a favorite game of Hannukkah. On each of the four sides a different Hebrew letter denotes the fate of the one who spins it. "Nun" (right) means you get none of the pot, whereas "Gimmel" (left) means you get everything! "Dreydl" comes from the Yiddish word "drey" or "spin." The text to the left therefore reads "spin spinner!"

Flaming Gemara Logo

Flaming Gemara – part of the Flaming Torah Stickers Pack, the Hebrew word for "Gemara" is on fire, stoking the flame for learning. 

Bava Kamma Sticker

Bava Kamma Mishna Sticker – a throwback to our first collection of T-shirts with illustrations of the mishnah on them!

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