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The following stickers were sent to members of D'veykus - The Jewish Sticker Club for Nisan. 

Bless Up For Kiddish - 

Riffing off the contemporary slang "lunch." "Kiddish" may be used to indicate something that is totally righteous. When using the word one may put their hands together in a blessing motion as depicted above. 

"Yitzy did you get the new shipment of Shtark stickers?" 

"Yesss they are totally kiddish 🙏"

This Month For You - 

The month of Nisan is the New Year for Kings according to Mishnah Rosh Hashana 1:1. In Exodus 12:2 God gives his first commandment to the Jewish people saying "This Month is For You," prompting them to sanctify the new month with the coming of the new moon. The words here are textured with a moonlike overlay to remind us of this first commandment as a people. 

Gefilte Girl in a Gefilte World -

Like Barbie except Jewish and for Passover. 

Afikomen - 

The grand prize of seder night: a piece of matzah for dessert. 

Bava Batra 6:3 -

Selected from the first ShtarkShirts collection. Learn more about it here.


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