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~ Welcome to The Jewish Street ~

A curated collection of contemporary Judaism’s greatest hits and happenings. This weekly series keeps you in the loop about all things culturally relevant to being a Jew in the 21st century. Here you can expect to discover the best that Jewish arts, music, and Torah have to offer. On top of that, you’ll be the first to know about all of ShtarkShirts’ exclusive offerings: new drops, discounts, giveaways, and more! 


Rabbi Nachman Raps in Yiddish

Listen to stories from the famous R' Nachman of Breslav rapped in Yiddish over hip-hop beats. This kind of low-quality music production shows itself only to be a labor of love. 

Lost in the Vort(ex)

In Parshas Shoftim or “Judges,” God commands the people of Israel to appoint judges in every major city, each tribe unto their people and province. Today, we aren’t divided by tribe and province, but by geographic and political boundaries. Just as tribe and province were determining factors in perspective and lifestyle back then, so today is the division between urban “coastal elites” and rural communities. Each group makes judgments about the other, effectively turning their gaze away from the immediate problems in their own urban or rural communities and blaming the other for the misfortunes that befall them. This week we’re reminded that judgment and righteousness will stand only if it is executed within the immediate geographic and political boundaries of either space. We learn that a broken community can only be repaired from within. 

The Jewish Word of the Week is:
Shtark (Yiddish);  adj, adv 
– Strong, Powerful, Potent, Robust, Religiously Inspiring (Yeshivish)
~ Did you hear her up at the bimah? Mushky gave a shtark dvar torah on the importance of making positive judgments about your peers. 

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