A Reminder to Look Up

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~ A Reminder to Look Up ~

I’m super excited to announce what I believe to be the first of its kind: D’VEYKUS 5784 – The Jewish Sticker Club is more than a fun way to update the decorations on your water bottles and laptops. When I came out with the Torah is Lit Collection, I realized that my designs would transmit different messages on different materials. On a T-shirt, the fiery flaming logos spark conversation with others and provide contemporary Jews with a new way of presenting Jewish. Reimagining the sticker as a Segula, or “charm” transformed the mundane and raw vinyl material, making it a sort of portal to the spiritual realm. Looking at the Flaming Ten Commandments on my water bottle was a call to remember the ancestral wisdom of my Jewish tradition, be empowered to uplift the mundane, and imbue it with spiritual significance. 

In Hasidic thought, the doctrine of D'VEYKUS (sticking) holds that a Jew can always be intimately in the presence of the Divine if their intention is holy. In any action, they can Cling to the King, and recognize the grandeur of serving a higher purpose. My goal in starting D’VEYKUS 5784 – The Jewish Sticker Club is to encourage more opportunities for Jews to be reminded of this fact – to open more portals to the spiritual realm and unleash the holy sparks trapped in the raw material of this lowly world. The more opportunities we have to do so, the better. 

On Another Note: Everyone is talking about Adam Sandler's new film:
~ You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah ~
In this flick, two best friends dream up the most epic Bat Mitzvahs only to have a silly boy get in the way of their plans and friendship. Have you seen the film?
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Adam Sandler Pickle Sticker
( Adam Sandler being an Ashkenazi Jew munchin' on a pickle. This design is one of many absurd compositions that will be turned into a sticker and sent to members of D'VEYKUS – The Jewish Sticker Club.
#45 is a gematria clue, can you think for what?)
Krach fun di pickle
(Another Ashkenazi Jew who went viral for eating a pickle and exclaiming in Yiddish:
"The Crunch of the Pickle! Yoy!"
Click through to watch.)
Joey Newcomb Pickle Song
(Joey Newcomb turned the short exclamation into a song.
Click through to listen.)
The Jewish Word of the Week is:
Zoyer (Yiddish);  adj, 
– Sour, Pickled, Wry
~ Wow! Bubbe must have let these pickles go all winter, they're SO zoyer!


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