Mishnah Bombed

The ShtarkShirts Project Mishnah Bomb

So you're wondering about the Mishnah Bomb huh? Well don't worry, on this page you'll find everything you need to know about the hot new trend of Mishnah Bombing. 

The official definition of Mishnah Bombing is: 

The act of unsuspectingly reminding another Jew of their ever-present obligation to study Torah; mainly through the recitation of laws recorded in the Mishnah. Often executed by hiding a ShtarkShirts Mishnah Card in a place that will later be discovered by another, obligating them to memorize the attached mishnah. 

You can already tell that the basis of the practice is aimed at the proliferation and exaltation of Torah Sh'beal Peh - commonly translated as 'The Oral Torah.' However, I opt for a different translation: speaking about 'Torah of the Mouth' helps emphasize the extent to which our traditions have been kept safe and secure in the collective of Jewish mouths for generations. Though we now rely primarily on text as a medium of reference, we are nevertheless as responsible for transmitting these laws through the mouth just as much as our Israelite ancestors and the early Rabbis were.

Through the introduction of the Mishnah Bomb, we re-commit ourselves to Torah of the Mouth, and our ownership over its relevance to contemporary Jewish life. Let us indulge in the multiplicity of interpretations and understandings that have fueled Jewish innovation for centuries! 

If you've been mishnah bombed and need to learn your mishnah click below:

Mishnah Bombed - Babba Kamma 3:5

Mishnah Bombed - Babba Metzia 1:1

Mishnah Bombed - Babba Batra 6:3

 – ה׳ עז לעמו יתן, ה׳ יברך את עמו בשלום –