Flaming Mishnah Tee

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Step into a world where the traditions of our revered teachers come alive with a fiery new energy. Presenting our Flaming Mishnah Tee, a captivating fusion of retro streetwear style and the timeless wisdom of our Jewish heritage.

Join us on a transformative journey of recitation and renewal. Let the Flaming Mishnah Tee be your source of inspiration, sparking conversations and fostering connections rooted in the vitality of our tradition.

Elevate your style while honoring the timeless wisdom of our teachers. Wear our Flaming Mishnah Tee proudly and ignite the flames of knowledge within you. Together, let us bring the teachings of the Mishnah to life with newfound vibrancy and passion.

Forest Green - 100% Cotton

A great Hannukkah gift for any Jewish person!